Turning into someone new

Slowly, slowly, I feel my personality and my interests are changing. It started with the cats, I think. Or maybe breaking up with U, I’m not sure. But the cats were a certain first step on the way to being someone new, someone living a somewhat different life. Maybe I’m settling down, becoming content with what life’s offered me so far. The thought’s a little scary, but not as horrifying as I would have found it a year or so ago.
And then K… Life with him is so sweet. I can live it day by day and not mind lacking grand plans for the future, or a plan of destiny. It’s comfortable and I like it. I didn’t think I would ever say that.

And now… the cottage. I have bought a tiny house with a tiny garden. Not the kind you live in, but the kind where you go and grow plants and stuff, and there are lots of other tiny houses in the same area, making up a small society of tiny houses. I can have it as a summer house and mother can do her gardening. :-)
Though she doesn’t know about it yet. I want it to be a surprise. I’ll show her when it gets a little warmer outdoors.
Today she and I went to a garden fair. It was nice. I’m getting interested in plants and garden design. Weird.

I’ve done a lot of shopping on the net lately. Mostly on auction sites like QXL and Tradera. It’s almost like a drug. I’ll try to cut down – it’s not good for my economy. Today I went to a garden store on the net and bought seeds.

I’m working the last night shift for a while now. It will be good to get some normal habits again. To be free on weekends. I’ll miss the long off-shifts though.


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