Pride parade

Today has been a nice, stress-free day. Much welcome. Also good weather for once. Me like!

I and K met Gitta, Chris, Hastur and Karin at Berzeli Park, where they were picknicking. K went and got coffee and we sat in the grass watching a fitness couple throwing eachother in the air.
The Pride parade started at 15, and a few minutes past it reached Nybrokajen. Gitta and Chris were to join the parade, and the others disappeared in some other direction. So just K and I remained and watched the parade, me trying to take some photos but ending up with people’s heads in the way. Well, some turned out okay.
When the last car had passed we went over to Kungsträdgården and caught some of the cars a second time, then headed to Strömparterren for coffee. We were the last who could order coffee – after that there were just too many people coming, so they restricted the orders to wine, beer or soda.
Leisurely strolling we made our way across Södermalm (took Katarinahissen up to Mosebacke). The weather was a mix of sunshine, clouds and scattered showers.
At Skanstull we looked for a restaurant but ended up buying some food at Ica to bring home. Haloumi, which I first tried at Johan and Janine’s the other day, and crayfish.

Morris is behaving more and more agressively towards Minor. He wants to go out all the time, and when he can’t he takes it out on her. I don’t know what to do. If I take him out more I will have to keep it up, and it’s hard to find the time. :-/


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