Donate your fireworks money to the tsunami victims

Someone sent an email to a mailing list I’m on, coming up with the idea to donate whatever money you intended to spend on fireworks this new year’s to aid organisations working with the victims of the tsunami in Asia. I thought that’s a great idea.
Using the fireworks money for this purpose is doubly nice – instead of celebrating in the time of suffering for so many, and at the same time throwing away money, and quite a lot of it at that, you can spend it on a good cause.
I wasn’t going to buy any fireworks, but of course I’m still donating money.

Working at the news desk the past few days has been tough. We get to see a lot more than what is published in the papers/on the net. A lot of photos are better left unpublished, and frankly I don’t see why the agencies are even sending them out. Swollen bodies in close-up won’t appear in any respectable paper.

Info on how to donate (in Sweden)


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