That dreaded month

November. I don’t have words to describe how loathsome a month it is. The darkness. The damp. The cold. The endless fatigue.
It’s a month when you reduce yourself to a machine intended for work and sleep only, and try to work hard enough for time to pass quickly. It’s the time of year when dreams die at dawn and you wander with empty eyes through the day.

Having said that, I am now trying to fill this month with some things to look forward to. Like tomorrow’s movie night – we’ll have dinner and watch Broken Flowers. And Saturday’s play, “Underneath the Lintel” at Teaterstudio Lederman. And then, further on in November, there’s Bloggforum to look forward to.

The process of selecting the weekly blog to be featured on Aftonbladet’s site has given me an opportunity to check out some new blogs. I expect to add some new favourites of my own shortly.


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