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Being hit on – on the subway

Going home from Bloggforum on the subway last night, I was looking at images in my camera when I noticed a guy sitting opposite. He was holding up his phone and looking at it, and then, suddenly – click! – he had taken my photo.

He didn’t try to hide it or anything, just looked straight at me and took another one. At first I wondered if he was someone from Bloggforum using this “trick” as a way of saying hi, but no. When I put my camera down he wanted to have a look at the photos in it. I declined.

Then he started asking me where I was going and invited me to some party. Of course I didn’t go… but I was rather curious about his direct behaviour.
Was I okay with having my photo taken like that, after having had a couple of beers and feeling rather sleepy. No, not really. But I was too surprised, more than anything, to react against it.

Later, when I had got off the subway, I started thinking… what if he is a blogger, and this is his way of blogging – taking photos of surprised strangers on the underground. That would in a way be rather amusing.


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