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New year

I’m slowly returning to some kind of human shape after last night’s New Year’s celebrations. No, it hasn’t been that bad, mostly I’m just tired today. And it was a great initiative from pawal to invite people for New Year’s day brunch/birthday celebrations. Eggs, sausages and salt crackers did the trick.

Last night was spent at Torkel’s, like so many times before. Though this year we had dinner at Njutbar, which was just okay. I prefer sitting in a couch than at a restaurant table.
At midnight we went out to watch the fireworks and have a glass of champagne. I wasn’t quite as wasted as the photo to the right might indicate.
Then back to Torkel’s where it was karaoke time. I did do some singing, so I can’t have been that sober. : ) Normally I try not to. Although I like singing, I know I cannot sing, and should spare other people from having to hear it.

On our way home, I cursed not having listened to K when he wanted us to take the car. The subway car was full of vomit, it was crowded and people were drunk. At Hötorget it stopped for a long time, making us miss the Skarpnäck line. It turned out it was the last train for Skarpnäck, so we were stranded at Gullmarsplan. We tried to catch a cab without any luck. It was freezing cold so we returned inside the station, where we asked for the night bus to Skarpnäck. It was to leave in 15 minutes, so we decided to wait for it. But when it was time for it to depart, no bus arrived. Instead the sign for the depature time switched to show the time for the bus after that, 30 minutes later. We waited for 10 more minutes, shivering in the snow, then decided to give taxis another go. Finally we got hold of one and it took us to Skarpnäck at double the usual rate. We didn’t get home until five AM, having left Torkel’s at 03.00.

I left my cell phone and a scarf behind at Torkel’s, so I had to stop by there on my way home from pawal’s today. Anna was kind enough to accompany me. She is also joining Gitta and me to Barcelona, along with Cecilia, a friend of hers.

This weekend has gone by so fast. It’s a shame New Year’s Eve was on a Saturday, giving us no extra day off from work. It would be nice to have a whole day for doing nothing, which in my case would mean watching telly, playing a Harry Potter computer game, reading the latest Potter book and sleeping late.


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4 Responses

  1. athenius says:

    Happy New Year to you.
    Take pictures in Barcelona! I liked those you posted from England last year.

  2. L. says:

    I certainly will. I just hope I don’t overdo it like last spring when I went to Malta and took so many photos that I still haven’t had the time to work them into an album. :)
    I’m glad you liked the England pics.

  3. Paul G says:

    sounds like fun! but if you had been more drunk, you might have avoided the unpleasant return journey; you could have just collapsed at Torkels (in a drunken stupor) and woken the next day, when the trains were running (and hopefully freshly cleaned).

    >>>[Although I like singing, I know I cannot sing…] too bad — singing is so natural and good, but we have become over-conditioned to hearing professional voices, so that we have become too self-conscious. but really it is the professional voice that is unnatural.

  4. L. says:

    Paul – Yep, I should have thought about that – then I wouldn’t have left my cell phone behind either, since I wouldn’t have left Torkel’s. :)
    Hope you had a good New Year’s.

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