Vlog: 40 m/s at the top of Åreskutan

Funny that when I feel warm for the first time in four days I’m in a place where it’s -15 C outside, and the wind almost has the strength of a storm.
In Barcelona, where it was around 10 C outside, it was very cold indoors. There are no regular radiators in Spanish houses, only ones that you turn on as you enter the apartment, and they take a long time heating the place up.

I reached Åre a few hours ago, heading straight for the Aftonbladet dinner, where I found that my colleagues had only just started on the starter. It was nice to get a hot meal after a long and very tiresome day.
We got up at six this morning in Barcelona, packed the last of our stuff, met the apartment guy and got our deposit back (what’s with demanding a deposit in case we break anything, and then handing it back downstairs without checking if anything’s broken?), and took a bus to the airport.
At Skavsta I found I had a couple of messages on my cell phone warning me against going north, since a storm was coming to Åre. After some hesitation, and checking with Linda who had arranged the trip, I decided to go anyway – not so much because I wanted to but because it was the right thing to do.
The flight went okay despite heavy winds and some pain caused by my cold, and then a taxi was waiting for me in Östersund. I shared it with a new guy at work, Mattis. The driver said he’d take it easy because of the bad weather. That apparently meant driving at 120 km/h. Scary. Well, we got here in one piece.

I share a cabin with Frida, Fredrik and Karin. They are still out partying, and I meant to go back to Bygget after having dropped my suitcases, but I got a little lost on the way here and got really really cold. Now I can’t gather the energy to go out again. Instead I’ve had a nice hot shower and also spent some time in the still warm sauna. Now I will sleep like a baby in a warm and cosy bed. Quite the opposite to Barcelona.

20061126: Updated – since I put the clip on YouTube I changed the link


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  1. Jeanine says:

    Hejsan!the swedish winter weather is awesome,so that I’m thinking if it is smart to visit there in that season.how do you think about it?

  2. L. says:

    Jeanine: You’re probably asking the wrong person. ;) I very much dislike the snow and cold, and also the darkness of the winter season. But for someone who’s into that, I guess wintertime is a nice time to travel in Sweden. But then I’d go for the mountain regions, like Åre, and not cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg.

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