Hopes and wishes for 2007

I got blog-tagged at Citizen Media Watch by Beta Alfa. This is my reply for what my five hopes for 2007 are.

1. I’d like to get a chance to travel beyond Europe and Northern America. Though I’ve been to quite a few countries, most of them have been in the western world. I want to get a new perspective.
2. I hope for a breakthrough in the environmental struggle. That the world leaders start taking environmental issues seriously and that research leads to new and better environment-friendly products.
3. To keep being creative and to get new inspiration, whatever expression it wants to take. I want to keep on photographing a lot, expressing myself through creative writing, writing this blog, my blog on creative writing and my personal blog and keep enjoying it. Also to get creative challenges at work.
4. That traditional media and the blogosphere start talking less in terms of we and you and more in terms of us. I hope – and I believe this will happen, though perhaps only in small steps during 2007 – that journalists will step off their high horses and start interact much more with their readers, and invite them to contribute in a whole new way. And I also hope that the understanding and appreciation of the journalistic craft becomes greater in the blogosphere.
5. The last one’s private, though I felt I couldn’t exclude it, so I guess I’ll just have to be secretive about that one.

Feels weird to quote myself, but what the heck.. the post belongs here more than at CMW anyway.


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