Danish media's move to web-first publishing

A year ago, Danish newspaper Politiken moved their newsdesk online. Now Berlingske Tidende is taking it one step further. ALL journalists are to work for the web edition as well as for print. Stories will be published online first.

Behind the move is Berlingske’s new editor-in-chief, Lisbeth Knudsen. According to New Media Trends, she says the new strategy has “earthquake” like dimensions.

As Jon Lund at New Media Trends points out, there are a number of challenges to face for Berlingske.
Having traditional journalists refocus on web publishing takes time and energy. One important aspect is that the print journalists will find out what it’s like to get instant feedback within seconds of writing an article, and they’ll learn to start to think of publishing as communication. The result will hopefully result in better products, both online and in print.


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