Work update: Looking for a job

Yesterday I found out my employer is bankrupt and I’m out of a job. Evidently you’re not supposed to lose your job when you’re on maternity leave. The state insurance that would cover your pay for one month is only valid if I put Linus in daycare right away and try to get a new job now. He’s only eight months so that is out of the question.
Also the SJF income insurance is out of the picture since you need to have worked 80 percent the previous 12 months, and besides SJF didn’t join this insurance until July last year so it wouldn’t be applicable even if I wasn’t on maternity leave.

This is a new situation for me. I’ve never been unemployed in my life. There’s a lot to find out about and I’m not liking it one bit. I will however be on maternity leave til the end of August, so I have some time to figure out what to do. I have also applied to some university courses as a backup plan.

Hopefully I’ll find a new job by then though. If you have any suggestions or ideas, do get in touch. My main focus is participatory/citizen media, with a journalistic twist and a blogging focus. I have twelve years experience of working with online news and reader interaction, using text, video, flash, and a lot of other techniques. Eleven of them was spent at, the website for Sweden’s largest daily, and one of the most innovative sites in Europe.
My citizen media blog can be found at
I live in Stockholm, Sweden, but would also love teleworking for an international company.


Web veteran, journalist, blogger since 1998, loves creativity and originality, photography and her family. [More]

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3 Responses

  1. athenius says:

    I think you will do well, though it’s never a good feeling to be ‘out of work’ in this world-wide economy.

    I bet you’ll find something even more suited to your growing experience!

    Really like seeing how Linus is doing!

  2. Erika says:


    Jag läste ditt “dresscode: långklänning” -inlägg och jag är i exakt samma sits. Jag skall på ett bröllop i början på juni och kommer då att vara i 7:e månaden.
    Tyckte att de klänningarna du hade hittat var jättefina! Har du hittat din bröllopsklänning än? Jag har fått som förslag från flera att gå och titta i “vanliga klädaffärer” eftersom det är på modet med empire och myckettyg, men jag hittar ingen! Har du ytterligare några tips?
    Soliga hälsningar Erika

  3. L. says:

    Erika: Det blev till slut en lite udda kombination – en enkel jerseyklänning med en halvgenomskinlig mönstrad festklänning över. Festklänningen var ingen mammaklänning, men tillräckligt vid för att funka, vilket inte den ordinarie underklänningen till den var. Här finns en bild:

    Det var verkligen jättesvårt att hitta något bra. Jag tyckte inte heller att det funkade med vanliga butiker. Lycka till, hoppas du hittar något bra!

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