Artist date = some time alone

I’m at the Blue Lotus having chai and a warm sandwich. It’s the first real artist date, if I’m strict with Cameron’s definition bau simulator 2015 kostenlos downloaden deutsch. I’ll spend an hour or so here, then take my artist to see an apartment that I can’t afford, just for her to feel what it would be like to live there, and to judge if that feeling is important herunterladen.
Afterwards we’re going to a poetry evening on Östermalm, hosted by Valkyria and Helena Leijd.

The people in here could be from Boulder steep for free. A lot of dreads, a lot of quilted clothing. A young crowd, very aware of what they eat and drink. Organic stuff. Healthy juices. Politically correct in a way download google images mac. There’s a guy who looks just like Sofie’s brother here, by the way.


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