kan skälva

I how no idea of how it happened, and we never thought it would. But suddenly the name just came to us: kan skälva.
So… we have a name for the Ordfront poetry cup. That’s a start. Now all that’s missing are some poems, some inspiration and a certainty that when we go on stage we will perform like never before. Oh well.. there’s still six weeks to go. *gulp*

I had a nice evening with Mattias and Sofie, though I was so tired. Got to bed a bit too late last night and though I felt okay at work I guess the tiredness just crept up on me during the evening. So I guess I ought to go to bed now, considering the fact that I’m working tomorrow as well.
And then after work tomorrow Sofie and I will go to Cafe Mera and listen to the poetry reading. I’ve been meaning to for a long time, but something has always come up.

I ran into Örjan yesterday on my way home from Vickan’s. Nice talking to him after such a long time. He’s only got six months of studies left, and after that he wants to stay on in Örnskjöldsvik if possible. I can understand that. Stockholm is really such a hectic, destructive place at times. And yet… I love it.


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