Humans clicking their way to my site :)

I installed HumanClick pro on Skriva, and have had fun with it all evening watching people come and go on the site, inviting them to chat with me and so on. :-)
Previously I didn’t want to use HumanClick, because you had to use their gifs, but now with the pro version it’s customizable. The pro version is free until January ‘2001, so they’re smart – by then who would want to go back to the light version? :-)
Actually… I think I’ll install it on this site as well.

I’m sitting at work (yes, I know it’s in the middle of night but I had problems with the pc at home so I went here instead) doing some asp for Skriva. I’m trying to modify the OPK calendar so that it will fit Skriva’s needs. Shouldn’t be too much work.

V mailed me about an offer on If you referr 10 ppl there you can actually get a digital camera, or 500 dollars. I have no idea if it works, but if you want to try it out, please put as the referrer. Thanks. :-)

Benny and Marianne both asked if I would come to the Sklommon kräftskiva tomorrow. I don’t know, somehow I’m not in a mood to meet people. But then.. they are nice people. Maybe I should go.

Meeting A. tomorrow, maybe going to the Aftonbladet gym. I’m really not in a shape for that, but if I don’t start going, I never will be. :-)


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