Words of war

The War will start any day now. Today US, UK and Spain declared â€?the time for diplomacy is overâ€? as they withdrew the new suggestion for a UN resolution. The three countries â€?reserve their rights to take their own steps to secure the disarmament of Iraqâ€?. All UN staff has been called back from Iraq and tonight Bush will give a speach to the nation – and the world.
Does he think there is really an option for Saddam to leave Iraq? The dictator has already said he will die in Iraq. There are so many games played. So much show off. Face it – what he will talk about will be a declaration of war.

The most immediate consequences for me is that I have to be at work at 4.30, facing a 12 hour day. It could be one in a series of hard work days.

Atleast I feel better today. Still sneezing a bit, but the fever’s gone.


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