Time running out

I don’t know if I should write that I’ve enjoyed working today. It feels like you shouldn’t feel good when the reason that you’re busy is that there’s a war coming. But it does make the work more interesting. More meaningful. More exciting.
It’s the news pulse. And I’d be a bad news editor if I didn’t feel that way.

The days are long, and I expect I have a very busy period coming up, work wise. Today, for instance, I got off at 4.30PM and am to be back at work tonight at 4AM, working ’til 4.30PM tomorrow. Everyone thinks the attack will be tonight.
I need to squeeze in some sleep before then, for sure.

Finding trustworthy sources is a problem. Today we first got news that Tariq Aziz had surrendered to kurd leaders in northern Iraq, then that he had travelled north, been fired at and escaped, and then finally that he had been murdered by Saddam Hussein. Whom to trust? Heaven knows.
What we can do in a scenario like this is simply to write about the different pieces of information, where they come from, and that they are not confirmed.

Tomorrow is A’s birthday. I don’t know what to get her and I don’t know how to find the time to find her anything. How do you make time for your friends when you work 12 hours a day and study as well?
I’d like to talk more to P too, but the same thing goes there. I’m already taking time from work when possible, and when I finally get home she is usually not there. It is hard, keeping long distance relationships going, whatever kind they are.
And, I have a feeling I won’t make the CWA deadline. I’ll try to post something on Blackboard.


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