Fake smile photos

Okay, I know, I was supposed to be cleaning the house… but the sun was shining and the Martini Bianco looked sooo tempting…

Today I went to the office for a photo shoot. On Wednesday it’s the 10 year jubilee for aftonbladet.se. For me it’s only 7.5 years.. but that’s still a lot.
We weren’t really supposed to celebrate today, but for the photo to look good we had to have champagne and flowers. So the bosses had brought in a number of bottles of champagne which were opened and then we were supposed to hold up our glasses or a bottle and smile like crazy. It felt weird as usual on such occations. How on earth do you smile naturally when the whole situation is fake?
Anyway, Mats the photographer clicked away, and after a minute or so it was done. I was left with a full bottle in my hand, but no glass. I found one and poured myself some champagne, but pretty soon people were getting back to work. The few of us who wasn’t working were left standing there feeling a bit goofy. It was 10.45 AM.


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