Giving this Friday Four thing a shot

In Sweden there’s a tradition among bloggers to answer four questions each Friday. They are announced on this site. I thought I’d give it a try this week, though I’ll translate the questions into English so they’ll fit here.

1. Have you read anything by this year’s Nobel laureate in literature, Elfriede Jelinek?
No, I haven’t, and I didn’t recognize her name. But then I found out that Prinsessdramer is her play. I was thinking of going to see it at Galeasen when Teaterlistan – a service for cheap theatre tickets – had some reduced tickets. For one reason or other I never got round to it.

2. Who would you like to give the Nobel prize in literature to?
Margaret Atwood and Ayn Rand (posthumous).

3. What is the general purpose of the Nobel prizes, other than giving the laureates fame and fortune?
Encouragement for all kinds of research, I guess.

4. Do you think there ought to be additional Nobel prizes in some other fields?
Not really. A lot of other scientific areas are worthy of awards, but it would be silly to establish new Nobel prizes, since the ones there are today (apart from Economics) are the ones Nobel himself wanted.


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