And… action!

Procrastination’s my game, and I play it well. And then, suddenly, I got going. I made that phonecall, sent that email, and the wheel’s in motion. Things are happening faster than I could even imagine. And then, of course, I wonder: What took me so long? It wasn’t hard at all.

Today I hired someone to do the finishing touches to my kitchen (old apt). And tomorrow the realtor is coming over to have a look at it. They wanted 4,5 percent of the sale price. I have no idea if that’s a good deal or not, but it seems okay and the guy who called me up seemed knowlegeable and nice enough.

I haven’t made oatmeal chocolate balls in ages. It’s typical children’s candy. Yesterday I got a craving for chocolate and I was too lazy to go to the store. Not to lazy to make these though. :-) Yum!

At work everyone got step counters, and now there’s a competition on the intranet. You register your steps every day and then there’s a prize for the person who’s taken the most steps in one week. I think it will run for three weeks or so. Additional prizes will be given to random participants.
Everyone’s suddenly walking a lot, taking the stairs to the lunch room etc. :-) I forgot to put mine on yesterday, so no way I’m gonna be in the top 10, but I guess I’ll register my steps anyway and hope for one of the random prizes.

To keep in good health you should take about 10 000 steps a day. Today, the first day I’ve worn the step counter, I’ve taken about 8 500. Hm. It’s a normal day for me, I’d say. So I don’t move around enough. Guess I should have gone to the workout today after all.


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