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Things to do between 3 and 7 am instead of sleeping

  • Ignore the pain in your shoulders and sit in front of the computer.
  • Check out how the photos I took of Tiina’s baby Clémentine yesterday turned out.
  • Play the cow game – new levels available in Q-lympics. Go cow go!
  • Decide not to write a summary over the past year. The tsunami disaster overshadows the whole year and makes private reminiscenses seem petty.
  • Decide not to write a personal encounter of my work since last Sunday. There are better ways and places to deal with the emotions around that.
  • Instead settle with the sights that stand out from the eight days I worked around the clock with the tsunami material (the previous post).
  • Shave my legs.
  • Have an extra hot bath with jasmin bath oil.
  • Have julmust and some leftover ham from Christmas.
  • Listen to the Rikard Wolff record K got me for xmas.
  • Have tea (apple, raisin and cinnamon – thanks Jennifer!).
  • Read a book on oranges and Sicily. Quite nice. And lovely pictures. “En apelsinlund på Sicilien” by Eva Clementi.
  • Archived comments from my old publishing system:
    Micke writes:
    Fast i kvinnoideealet? “Shave your legs”
    M-o-m: 0 – 2005-1-5 15:9

    Lotta from Stockholm writes:
    Kanner mig inte sarskilt fast, nej.
    M-o-m: 5 – 2005-1-11 19:33


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