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Lazing on a Tuesday afternoon

I spent too much time in the sun yesterday, working on the brick path at the cottage. Today my shoulders ache and are glowing red. Carrying a heavy bag with a shoulder strap was _not_ a good idea.

Apart from that, it’s been a nice slow day. I was going to stay at home and work on the Hamburg guide, but then a lunch gathering came up on the Trafik mailinglist, so I decided to join them.
Once more SL proved their incompetence. Not only are the subway trains only running every 20 minutes due to single track traffic downtown, but the train I and AmO were travelling on had some problem with its doors, so we got stuck in Enskede Gård. Somehow they fixed it, and that took us to Gullmarsplan. There we got stuck again, this time due to some earlier problem at Medborgarplatsen. The journey from Hagsätra to Hötorget took an hour!
Anyway, lunch at Sawadee, which was nice, and then I and Pac strolled up to KGB where we relaxed and worked at the outdoors area. Drinking beer and working half pace isn’t half bad. :) And the wlan at KGB seems to work great.

Now I’m feeling a bit restless. I start my evening shift again tomorrow and feel there ought to be stuff that I ought to do before that, but I can’t think of any.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
David Pettersson from Norrköping, Sweden writes:
Oh! I was listening to ’’A Night at the Opera’’ today.
M-o-m: 3 – 2003-7-15 21:14

Lotta from Stockholm, Sweden writes:
A great album! Always puts me in a good mood.
M-o-m: 5 – 2003-7-15 21:20


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