Back at the Bowery – slam night

He is high on himself
On a vacation from drugs
Speeding in Memory Lane
Stuck in a 60s love loop
Faster faster
Faster faster
Faster faster
No, stop! Stop!
Exit sign, he gotta find the exit
Sign on the dotted line
It’s a life long contract, Bud
There is no fucking exit

So he goes on vacation
Lose himself in introspection, trying to see the connections, but the road turning the corner just takes you back to the intersection, and despite objections the speed takes you faster
Faster faster
Faster faster
Faster faster
Around the block looping almost stooping
A vacation ride
Eyes wide open
Spinning the neuron wheel in a Russian roulette, but with bullets in all slots

Around the block you go
Faster faster
Faster faster
Faster faster
You crash into yourself, coming in the other direction
Making the one mental connection
When your brain collides with itself

Eureka! you cry
And die

Yeah, I met an old hippie at the bar. Worn, pink t-shirt, neclaces hanging down on his stomach, drugged out, talking to the bartender about being on a vacation and not having money for beer, but boy did the Guiness I was drinking look good. Perhaps he wanted me to treat him to one. I didn’t.

There weren’t many people at the slam. Evidently there was some big poetry event on in LA, and a lot of the regulars had flown over there.
The feature poet, whose name I didn’t catch, was brilliant. Body and text were one, which I feel is what stage poetry is all about. Her texts were very erotic, but in a beautiful way, claiming her right to be a sexual being, as a lesbian, as a woman, and not yet to be an object. Big applause.

I got to be a judge at the slam. There were about four really good poets, and they were the once making it to the semi finals, so I guess I did a good job. The evening’s winner was Moonshine, a big man, lots of hair, cute – the Bowery’s bartender.

When I got back to the apt, Ping hadn’t had dinner. Neither had I, so we had a midnight dinner at a French restaurant that’s open 24 hrs a day. They had the Graveyard menu out – between 24 and 6am. :-)

Earlier in the day I met Pontus for lunch at the Risotteria on Bleecker. I was planning to take a slow walk there, with stops at both B&N and Shakespeare & Co bookstores, but the walk took longer time than I had expected. I did go to B&N, but only for a short while. Instead I went back in the afternoon, after having strolled through Soho and Chinatown, and stayed for hours. I planned on buying two books, but after having read a little in them decided against it.
Then I found another bookshop – Strand – on my way to the Bowery. Nice place. They deal mostly in used books and offer good deals.

The night before last I met Anders and his colleague Thomas after they got off work. We went to a cosy restaurant/pub, the name of which escapes my mind, then on to their favourite hangout – Hudson Bar & Books. Nice place – lots of bookshelves on the walls.


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