Reports from the SJF debate on user generated content

I haven’t had time to write about the SJF panel debate on citizen media the other day, so I was happy to see that Media Culpa and Andreas Aspegren have done the job for me amazon prime video app herunterladen. And a good job too.

On the whole it was an odd situation, being in a debate with my employer’s main competitor suddenly on my side, and the other side consisting of representatives of my own trade union adventsbilder zum downloaden. These are strange times.
It was however a good and necessary debate which high-lighted for me some of the dangers of the conservatism in the press corps gratis schnittmusteren makerist.


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3 Responses

  1. HansK says:

    It was an interesting debate, and it was nice to finally get to meet you.

  2. Likewise! Glad you came. I only wish there had been more bloggers in the audience, which was rather “old media” dominated. But I think we atleast got some points across.

  1. July 20, 2007

    […] as some of the more conservative SJF (Swedish journalists’ union) members gave voice to at a debate I took part of in Stockholm in May. The idea that journalism is defined by who does it. And now […]

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