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At a cafe in Český Krumlov 0

At a cafe in Český Krumlov

I trace the ceramic leaves with my fingers hang on to the edge of the table sway with the Christmas tune playing in harmony with the snow outside though not with the month piano...

"It's snowing!" 0

"It's snowing!"

the first flakes of snow this year came in a country far south late night moletin smiles “it’s snowing!” then more snow and wind no view in the morning just white

Tour of Krumlov 0

Tour of Krumlov

Waking up to a storm of hail where used to be green meadows and off on a safari bus bump bump bump aahs and oohs in Krumlov world heritage all around angels on poles...

Picking walnuts 0

Picking walnuts

Picking walnuts is tricky. You scan the ground but the nuts’ covers are the same color as the leaves turning brown. Some of them have escaped their cover though, and lay exposed, nougatty brown....

Prague ramblings 0

Prague ramblings

red absinth crazy hot awake in a late evening Prague with CNN and shopping bags feet aching from these cobbled streets and bridges taking us every way but straight to our destinations they turn...

Brussels with a sneeze 0

Brussels with a sneeze

Brussels wasn’t like I had expected it to be. Most of what I knew about it, which admittently wasn’t much, was from the tv news from the European Parliament. So I had pictured the...

São Miguel in seven days 1

São Miguel in seven days

While sitting at the airport in Ponta Delgada sipping galão (coffee with lots of hot milk), it’s time to sum up our trip to the Azores. We’ve had a great week, done plenty and...

Colorado sky, mountains and houses 4

Colorado sky, mountains and houses

I’ve finally uploaded my USA pictures to Flickr. Some of them are available to friends and family only, but if you feel you belong in one of those categories, please add me as a...

Stuck at Heathrow 1

Stuck at Heathrow

Mom and I are on our way home from Denver. It’s been a long journey. I had trouble sleeping on the transatlantic flight (Chicago-London), and mother didn’t sleep at all. Some 35 minutes late...

In Colorado, shopping 1

In Colorado, shopping

I am sitting at the big desk in P&D‘s study/play-room. It’s 8AM and I’m not quite awake yet. Like the previous morning I started my day off with a nose-bleed. The air is so...