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Going back to Stockholm

• September 22, 2002 • Comments (0)

Once again I left my cellphone behind, this time in Molkom. This is turning into a nasty habit. I wish I could call K and ask if he’ll come over this evening. It would be nice to see him. The weekend’s been great. So much creative energy. We met a very interesting and inspiring person. […]

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Honeymooning ;)

• June 1, 2002 • Comments (0)

Today we left the beautiful Quebec city, which was a lot like Nice, and headed for Ottawa. The weather here shifts a lot. In the morning we had sunshine and when I took a short walk to get a nice photo of Hotel Frontenac it was so nice in the old town. Lots of people […]

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• May 4, 2002 • Comments (0)

It’s my last day in Norwich. I have enjoyed my stay thoroughly. Though it turned into much more of a shopping trip and less of a writing/reading workshop than I had expected, I don’t mind. I cannot understand why A and I never went to Norwich when we went backpacking around Britain. It’s such a […]

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• April 29, 2002 • Comments (0)

Camden Market today. I was a bit worried that K wouldn’t be able to take my going into every shop, browsing through clothes racks, looking at odd stuff. But it turned out that he liked the market. Maybe not the clothes – apart from him buying 10 ties(!) – but the gadgets. :-) I ended […]

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…and then everything changed

• September 18, 2001 • Comments (0)

The sea was a little colder that day, compared to the previous days. Not much, but enough to make us spend more time on the beach than in the water. Listening to the waves reaching the shore, I fell half asleep, letting the sun dry and warm me. Losing sense of time, we just let […]

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• September 9, 2001 • Comments (0)

It’s Sunday and most of the stores here on Sicily are closed, so mother and I, who are here for a week’s vacation, are taking it easy today. I started the day off with taking a bath in the hotel swimming pool. But I got restless and went for a walk on my own. I […]

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Antibes and Juan les Pins

• August 18, 2001 • Comments (0)

Yesterday I went shopping. Mostly for things I had forgotten to bring, like a swimming suit and a deo. :-) There’s good shopping here, but it’s somewhat expensive. I’m thinking of buying a lamp, though. Probably a crazy idea, to buy a lamp and bring to Sweden, but I saw some nice ones at Pier […]

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• August 16, 2001 • Comments (0)

To get to the airport in time I had to take a bus at 03.47. I didn’t see much point in going to bed at all, so I went to Järnet in the evening. A bunch of ppl I know were there, and I had a good time. Maybe I should have cut down on […]

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Paris in spring

• May 21, 2001 • Comments (0)

Paris is charming, cozy, sunny, expensive, sandy, and totally the wrong place to be with your ex if you’ve just broke up with him. However, I’m trying to ignore that and am having a good time. Though from time to time it hits me, and hits me hard :-/ We landed at Beauvais, which is […]

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Going north

• March 21, 2001 • Comments (0)

We’re still not feeling well. I went to the doctor yesterday (!) and they took all sorts of tests. Had to do some more tests at home which I sent in today. For the stomach thing, mainly. Feeling a little better today. Tonight U and I are going to Östersund for the WhyNot conference. Should […]

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Sick and away

• March 15, 2001 • Comments (0)

I caught a cold on the ferry from Sicily. Then it turned into something like a stomach flu. Couldn’t eat for three days. That was NOT the way I had planned my two week stay on Malta. :-( Going home tomorrow, and luckily I’m feeling better. Flying when you’re sick is no fun at all. […]

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A different Xmas

• December 25, 2000 • Comments (0)

Christmas in Rome is very different from what I’m used to. It’s the first time I celebrate Xmas outside of Sweden. There are hardly any Xmas decorations in Rome, and it’s been raining for the last couple of days. Still it’s a nice Xmas. Last night we went to the catholic midnight mass in S:ta […]

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